Department Of English-Faculty

Picture Name Department Earned Degree/Diploma Current Designation Phone Number E-mail
esumamaheswari's picture
Dr.E.S.Uma Maheswari English M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Professor(CAS) and Head of Science and Humanities 9486258394 umasen2010@rediffmail.com
Shakila Begam's picture
Ms.H.SHAKILA BEGAM English M.A.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor 9865035471 habibudt@gmail.com
Asokan's picture
Mr.S.ASOKAN English M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,M.Sc.,(Psychology) Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 9444605478 asokasubbia@gmail.com
Priyanka's picture
Ms.B.PRIYANKA English M.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 9894477258 priyankavalar1991@gmail.com
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