Department of Computer Science Engineering- Faculty

Picture Name Department Qualification Current Designation Phone Number Email
Satheesh Pandian's picture Mr. C. Satheesh Pandian CSE ME., Assistant Professor 9944155198 satheeshpandian.me@gmail.com
bsranjani's picture Dr.B.Sivaranjani CSE M.Tech., Ph.D Assistant Professor 9047370925 bsranjani.gce@gmail.com
Raghupathikumar's picture Dr.D.Raghupathikumar CSE ME., Ph.D., Assistant Professor 8523980883 draghuannamalai@yahoo.com
sathish's picture Mr.C.Sathish CSE ME., Assistant Professor 9865880264 sathishgcebodi@gmail.com
Vimala's picture Mrs.R.Vimala CSE ME., Assistant Professor 9952886858 vimalaleela09@gmail.com
Ramya's picture Dr.V.Ramya CSE ME., Ph.D., Associate Professor (CAS)(Deputed from Annamalai University) 9486222567 ramyshri@yahoo.com
Saranya's picture Mrs.M.Saranya CSE ME., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 7092951330 saranya101289@gmail.com
RamyaD's picture Mrs.D.Ramya CSE ME., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 8056767651 ramyait35@gmail.com
Ezhil's picture Mrs.R.Ezhil Priyadharshini CSE M.E., Assistant professor (Adhoc) 8248673336 priyadharshini_mecse@yahoo.co.in


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