Department of Civil Engineering- Faculty

Picture Name Department Earned Degree/Diploma Current Designation Phone Number Email (Official Preferred)
dpadmini's picture Dr.D.Padmini CIVIL ME.,Ph.D Professor and Head 9442548932 dpmini2017@gmail.com
Regupathi's picture Mr.R.Regupathi CIVIL ME., Assistant Professor 9585122393 regu.civil@gmail.com
mpurushothaman's picture Dr.M.Purushothaman Civil M.E.,Ph.D., Associate Professor (CAS) - On Deputation from Annamalai University 9443522727 emp4624@gmail.com
Venkatraman's picture Dr.T.Venkataraman CIVIL ME.,Ph.D Assistant Professor(On Deputation from Annamalai University) 9442441039 tvrcivil@gmail.com
Venkatachalapathy's picture Dr.C.Vengatachalapathy CIVIL ME., Ph.D., Assistant Professor(On Deputation from Annamalai University) 7010787427 vcvcha@gmail.com
Dr.B.HARILAL's picture Dr.B.HARILAL CIVIL M.E.,Phd., ASSISTANT PROFESSOR(On Deputation from Annamalai University) 7373321008,9447211683 harilal2025@gmail.com
Meenakshi's picture Mrs.R.Meenakshi@Suganya CIVIL ME., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 8754096591 meenakshicivil94@gmail.com
Yogeshwaran's picture Mr.M.Yogeshwaran CIVIL ME., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 8220751741 yogesh.gowda0694@gmail.com
enivetha's picture Ms.E.Nivetha CIVIL M.E., Assistant Professor (Adhoc) 8072057063 enivetha16@gmail.com
vijaykumar's picture Mr.S.P.Vijay Kumar CIVIL M.Tech Assistant professor(Adhoc) 8489818422 spvijay120596@gmail.com
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